The BDO network is dedicated to serving both public and private organizations and the people behind them with a full range of audit, accounting, tax and consulting services.

BDO is the world`s fifth largest accountancy network with more than 64 000 partners and staff in 154 countries all over the world. This breadth provides our clients with the technical resources and manpower combined with specific industry knowledge in any locality.

In the Czech Republic we have served our clients since 1991. With more than 400 employees and long-standing experience we belong among the leading companies in the industry. In the Czech Republic we are represented by BDO Audit, BDO IT, BDO Appraisal services and by three regional offices.

The quality of our audit processes is defined by the standard CSN EN ISO 9001.

The uniqueness of BDO lies in the combination of the strong background of the international network and of the individual approach to clients in every country. Member firms follow standardized principles for providing services and share knowledge and experience. A thorough quality control of the services provided is carried out among member firms to maintain the prestige of the firm. The high level of software tools belongs among the best in the industry. Membership of the BDO network enables the use of the potential of foreign experts on different areas and the ability to provide comprehensive services to international and public organizations.